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Why choose Valfreddana Building Supplies to supply the building materials you need?

The company has gained extensive experience in wholesale and retail.
It has over 17,000 square meters display area both indoor and outdoor.

Our team is able to support each client in a professional and qualified manner, in choosing the best equipment and construction materials.
A service always up to your requirements.

BUILDING materials and equipment

The company, ten minutes from the center of Lucca, offers a wide choice of highly professional building materials and equipment that can meet your needs, both professional and D-I-Y.

We offer a wide range of high quality products, from the best Italian and international brands. e.g:

  • Insulating materials for building, polystyrene, polyurethane;
  • Adhesives, putty, grouting, bricks, waterproofing, quick-setting cement, plaster;
  • Anti-humidity, skimmers, self-levelling, plastering;
  • Floors and parquet;
  • Pipes, conduits, sewer pipes and aqueducts;
  • Sleaves and water casings;
  • Mezzanine, bricks, breeze blocks;
  • Blocks and partitions;
  • Lighteners, screeds, concrete, fillings, substrates;
  • Retractable counterframes for doors, windows and accessories;
  • Accessories and cables;
  • Tanks, tankers and installations for sewerage;

and much more.

a reference point for the building trade

Valfreddana Building Supplies is a benchmark in the industry.

With 2000 sqm occupied by the store, and 15,000 sqm outside, used for storage, the shop offers construction materials at really competitive prices. In addition, the large car park makes the showroom more convenient and enjoyable.

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Alfa Refrattari
Gras Calce
Sicur Delta
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