building equipment hire

Machinery and excavators for contruction work 

noleggio escavatori

Committed day after day to provide a reliable and complete service, Valfreddana Building Supplies is also offer its customers the rental of construction equipment. When you need such machines, but you do not want or cannot afford to buy the equipment, we can help.

The company has specific equipment, in different sizes and with various accessories and special equipment.
Among the most popular services: rental of excavators and construction machinery, rental of compressors and generators.

Construction machinery for every need

Some examples of machines available at Valfreddana Building Supplies:

  • Bobcat excavators;

  • Wheel loaders and crawler loaders;

  • Ramps for excavators;

  • mixers;

  • Forks and hammers for excavators;

  • Crawler shredders;

  • Air compressors;

  • Choppers for flooring;

  • GeoTub moulds for castings;

  • Pumps for screeds;

  • Ribbon saws for blocks;

  • Cutters;

  • Generating sets;

  • Hiring of pneumatic hammers

and much more. The company also provides an extensive assortment of accessories and accident prevention equipment for construction companies.

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