quality flooring and cladding

terracotta,  wood @ natural STONE flooring

rivestimenti interni ed esterni

Choosing the most suitable flooring and linings for a building or home can be a tough task.

For this reason, Valfreddana Building Supplies, is always attentive to the needs of our customers: the qualified staff is looking forward to showing you in detail the advantages and characteristics of the wide range of products offered, including:

  • Wooden floors and parquet;
  • Terracotta floors;
  • Bathroom tiles;
  • Internal flooring;
  • Outdoor flooring;
  • Natural stone or reconstructed.

In addition to the products of the best national and international market, Valfreddana Building Supplies offers customized solutions, including for swimming pools, staircases and outdoor areas. To meet the needs of construction companies, the company also offers a delivery service for purchased materials directly to their site, with fully equipped trucks and cranes to offload the material.

flooring and cladding

Lea Ceramiche
Flaviker Pisa
Energie Ker
Casalgrande Padana
Cavallino Ceramiche
Serenissima Cir
Ceramica Alta
Francesco De Maio
Eco Ceramica
Decor Union
Decor Union
Il Palagio

natural stone

Petra Antiqua

reconstructed stone

Pietre d'arredo

flooring in wood, laminate, sustainable wood

Vaia Group
Mardegan Legno
Favor Group


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